Welcome to Verbena Lune Apothecary!

 About us

Here at Verbena Lune Apothecary we strive to give you the best and most natural products to use in your craft and daily routine. All of our products are from ethically sourced wholesalers, are cruelty free and vegan (unless stated).

Owning an apothecary has always been a dream of mine since I was 11 years old. To own my own apothecary and create products for people to use in their own craft & magic. Now it’s becoming a reality. I have studied the craft for many years now (since my early teens) and have been studying tarot for many years now, reading for myself, family, friends and clients.

I have so many ideas for future products that I can’t wait to bring to life, this will be a place where you can buy authentic and natural based products for your own path. 

Our Ethics

We believe in bringing the best intent into all of our products, but, we also believe in ethical wholesalers who believe in fair pay and quality goods. We do not agree with animal testing and all products are from animal friendly wholesalers. 

Our Intention Oils

Our Intention oils have been beautifully hand crafted and blended in accordance with divine timing and the astrological and lunar cycles. Each oil will contain dried herbs that correspond with the intention, along with a blend of essential oils. Each oil has been blessed under a full moon and is cleansed before being shipped.

Our Future

With more products to come very soon, I can’t wait to grow the apothecary and introduce many more products and items.