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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do you make everything by hand?
Yes! in small batches, some products are made to order, and some are prepared in advance before restocking the shop.


  • Is your brand cruelty free?
Yes, our brand and our products are cruelty free, we do not agree with animal testing and all products and ingredients are from cruelty free wholesalers. 


  • Are your crystals ethically sourced?
Yes, we have a great wholesaler with a fantastic ethics policy, which is environmentally conscious and believes and practises fair pay to all workers and miners.


  • Are your products vegan?

Currently all of our products are vegan, if a product is not vegan it shall be stated in the description box and on the label of the product. 


  • What do you do to keep the products safe during transit? 

All products are wrapped in either bubblewrap or recycled wrapping paper for added protection during transit, our boxes are filled with recyclable shred paper to cushion the product and prevent damages.


  • How do you use Intention oils?

Intention oils are designed and created to boost your own intentions and manifestation work. You can use these oils in you rituals, daily routines, and for anointing candles and other objects. Each oil is handmade with specific intent, with a blend of herbs and oils that correspond with the intention. 

All of our oils are made in accordance with the lunar cycle and astrological timing, to bring you the best intention and results.