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Oracle Card Reading

Oracle Card Reading

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Oracle Messages 

What do you need to hear now. Any messages that you need to see? Using different oracle decks we can take a look at what you need to know and what messages are coming out for you. There is no limit on how many cards are pulled but it will be a minimum of at least 3 cards.

Available every week!

For this reading you will receive a minimum of 2 pages on the topic, these pages will also include a picture of your cards at the bottom of the page.

This reading will be written and sent to your preferred email in a PDF format. 

PLEASE NOTE: In the message box at checkout please leave your name, preferred email address and your birth date (day, month and year) you will also not be receiving actual tarot cards or anything in the picture that is displayed. This is not a physical product. 

You will receive your reading within 7 business days of your purchase. However if there is a delay that can not be helped you will be notified via email ASAP.

Please also read the terms and conditions pages before placing an order.

  • No questions about deaths, medical queries, health questions (including pregnancies), financial or legal matters as I am not a trained professional in these areas.
  • Legal Disclaimer: Tarot or any other readings on this site should not be used over or in place of medical or professional advice, and should be seen as entertainment only.